Union United Church

Montreal, Quebec


Music Ministry

Union Band Ensemble

As a lifelong educator, my goal for the band program is to help develop and maximize the musical potential of students and nurture performance skills on the various wind, string, and percussion instruments. I am aware from the research that a band program not only fosters musical skills but also builds self-esteem and enhances the ability of students to work together. Learning music also facilitates the learning of other subjects and taps into multiple skills that children use: -integrating eyes, ears, big and small muscles.


I come from a background where musicians were developed within the church. It became evident to me in 2006 that Union had four strong choirs yet had to depend on musicians from outside. I felt if a Band Ensemble was formed, we could nurture our own musicians to enhance our music ministry.


Funding was an obstacle but the following year when I discerned that a former high school Band teacher was the organist in our midst, every effort was made to make it happen. The Band Ensemble was formed in the Fall of 2007 for youths and adults and had a professional band teacher for its first year. For the past 15 years, the program has been coordinated by Erene Anthony assisted by June Keene, original saxophone player, and Beverley McConney. University music students have provided the teaching expertise for the program. We are fortunate to have a doctorial music student as Director. For this we are grateful.


There is great interest from parents in having their young children join the band program, as a result, in each new session, students may join the recorder group as early as age 4. Presently there are 6 members on recorders, 5 on flute, 2 on clarinet 1 on saxophone, and 3 on guitar. Some music theory and music history are provided in the program and periodic music clinic is provided through the expertise of award band teacher Penny Lewis and Saxophone player Charles Clarkston. We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer their expertise and time in our music program for just an hour between 1 and 3 p.m. on Saturdays. We are particularly in search of piano & Guitar volunteer teachers.


Band presentation takes place in February and June and sections or soloists will periodically participate in the Sunday worship service.


Many parents have also opted for piano lessons for their students. We are trying to facilitate this through an extension of the program. Parents really show a keen interest in the program and are always encouraged to provide a musical environment at home.


The Band has been supported through the years by the generosity of patrons of the church and community. Parents of the Band Ensemble are asked to make a nominal monthly contribution. No one is denied access because they cannot pay.


Students tend to move on after high school or CEGEP when they begin weekend jobs. It is our hope that their experience will provide them with a lasting appreciation of music. 


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